1. What a lovely post! How perfect to get engaged in a place so meaningful to you. Gorgeous swatches as always and love your Elvis mani x

  2. Anonymous

    What great nail art. May aunt is an Elvis fan and these colors are so pretty!

  3. That is such a lovely engagement story, and it makes these polishes all the more special to hear about your interest in Elvis. 🙂 Gorgeous swatches, and that nail art is perfection!

  4. Ohhhh hahaha I loooove the nail art! If I ever make it to Vegas, I need to borrow your plate 😉
    And If I Can Dream is just, well, dreamy… Absolutely stunning.

  5. LL

    Thankyou xx yes I still think of it now and can’t believe it actually happened it was the most wonderful day xx

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