1. I actually love the double stamping, it’s a tricky thing to do well, but I think by using the silver you nailed it.
    Love the pink & real combo. It’s gorgeous.
    Vicky xx

  2. polishthosenails

    These are really neat looking! I love the double stamping and the color combo that you used!

  3. I actually really like the double stamping! But it turns out more like an abstract desing rather than roses, maybe that’s why you don’t like it? I would recommend starting with the silver stamp and then stamping on the teal, because that’s the stronger shade in this case… Maybe that would be more to your liking? Anyway, I love the mani, the colours are beautiful together!

  4. I like both the normal and double stamping! I actually really like how you’ve done a bit of both 🙂 x

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