1. I love the look you created, it’s fun and super cute. I saw this challenge and thought about joining in but every time I join a challenge my life gets hectic and I end up with no time and never complete them. I’m still only about half way through the 40 great nail art ideas challenge from last year. oops!

  2. Anonymous

    Wish is was going on vacation/holiday, I need a break, anywhere but here.

  3. LL

    Thankyou! I’m surprised at how I’ve managed to keep going. I’ve only missed 2 prompts and that was because I had a baby! Lol! I think it just helps to come up with ideas for nail art as I struggle sometimes

  4. LL

    Thanks! It just keeps the inspiration going as sometimes I struggle with ideas

  5. Such a gorgeous mani hun, I actually missed this prompt and need to catch up myself.
    Vicky x

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