Fathers Day nail art 2018

*Purchased by me, all opinions stated are my own*

Hi everyone

I wanted to post my Fathers Day nails, that I did for my husband, even though they didn’t turn out how I wanted.

The first disaster was that my Powder Blue MoYou London polish just isn’t opaque anymore. I tried using it and it just looked washed out and awful.

So I switched to white but then couldn’t get a certain image from BP-147 to pick up. I never have this issue so I tried a non squishy stamper – success!

But there was still no joy as the image would not transfer onto my nail.

So after numerous attempts I gave up and ended up with this:

products used:

essence – electriiiiiic

BP-147 stamping plate

Born Pretty Store – white stamping polish

Sparklea Nail Polish – A million dreams

Thanks for stopping by!


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