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Hi everyone

I am so excited to show you 2 polishes from exciting new indie brand Charming Tale!

I just want to start off by saying how much I love the name that Leanne has given to her brand – to me it just conjures up images of princesses and fairies!

Leanne has released 2 collections which she launched on 22 August. They are fairy tale themed and are named ‘The Fairy godmother Collection’ and the ‘ Who is the fairest of them all collection’. Could the names be any cuter?!

Charming Tale proved very popular on launch day and most polishes were sold out by the time I managed to find 5 minutes to browse the website. But I did manage to grab  mini bottles of Fairy Dust and Magic Mirror and these are the polishes I have to show you today.

L-R Fairy Dust & Magic Mirror

L-R Fairy Dust & Magic Mirror

 As you can see from the picture both of these polishes are packed full of holo glitter and they look stunning in the bottle.

The first polish I tried was Fairy Dust which is a gorgeous silver holo glitter. I was pretty bowled over with the formula of this one. It was so densely packed with glitter that I only needed 2 coats for full opacity! You could wear 1 coat as a glitter topper over undies but it’s stunning on it’s own like this!

Charming Tale Fairy Dust

Charming Tale Fairy Dust

I have experienced other glitters like this where they have been thick and gloopy and hard to work with. Fairy Dust is the opposite of this, it’s so easy to apply and there was minimal clean up required.

My photos don’t do this polish justice, it’s so glittery and sparkly and my camera couldn’t handle it. I absolutely love it and I know I will be using it a lot!

Charming Tale Fairy Dust

Charming Tale Fairy Dust

Charming Tale Fairy Dust - with flash

Charming Tale Fairy Dust – with flash

As you can see the holo in this polish is insane!

Next up is the beautiful gold holo glitter Magic Mirror. Now I’m happy to admit that this is the only gold glitter I own!!! I normally avoid gold glitters as I find they all look the same but this one caught my eye as it can be worn alone just like Fairy Dust.

Charming Tale Magic Mirror

Charming Tale Magic Mirror

As you can see Magic Mirror is just as glitter packed as Fairy Dust and has wonderful coverage. I used 2 coats. Again my camera could not handle the awesomeness of this polish! It’s so sparkly and beautiful and looks so effective as a full mani. It looks so luxurious on the nail and I am a massive fan of this one.

Charming Tale Magic Mirror

Charming Tale Magic Mirror

This also had a lovely formula which was easy to work with. For some reason my brush was a little weird and splayed which made application a little tricky. When  I contacted Leanne about the brush she was amazing and immediately offered to send me a new polish (which I did not expect) – I really appreciated her customer service it shows how she is willing to go the extra mile for her customers!

I also loved the packaging that came with the polish – it looks so classy.


Overall I am really impressed by these polishes. I received them very quickly after ordering and the quality of the polish is excellent. I will definitely be ordering from Charming Tale again.  I wish Leanne all the best with her new venture and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from her in the future.

Charming Tale polishes can be purchased here


  1. I’ve looked at the Charming Tale website soo many times but never given in and ordered. I thought these would be toppers, but I need them now I know they can be worn alone! The mini’s look like quite good sizes too 🙂 x

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