Make up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil Review

*I bought this*

Hi everyone!

Today I have for you a review of Make Up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil.

I adore cuticle oil, I love how it glides onto the skin and my cuticles love it too!

Make Up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil

I’ll start off by saying that this oil costs just £1!! from Poundland.

I love a bargain and this product is excellent for such a low price.

I normally give my nails a quick file and then apply the oil all over my nails and cuticles. Then I gently push my cuticles back with a cuticle pusher I got from a local beauty wholesalers (see my ubermat in the background!!).

This isn’t my whole nail care routine – I’ll do a seperate post on that. This is just what I do when I am in a rush and want to give my nails some love.

Make Up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil

This oil is easily absorbed and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It has a very light and gentle scent which lingers for quite a while.
It moisturises my nail beds and cuticles wonderfully and instantly makes my hands look revived.

Make Up Gallery Cuticle Oil

This picture above shows my nails after the oil has been absorbed – my nails and cuticles look healthy and happy!

Overall I love this product, it does exactly what I want it to. I still can’t believe it’s only £1!

I urge you to give this one a try – its worth the £1 investment!

Make up Gallery products can be purchased in Pounland Stores or online here.

What’s your favourite cuticle oil?



  1. Belinda Fitzgerald

    Thanks for writing the review but I did find it to be a bit lacking. Nothing was mentioned about the ingredients and how they compare to the more pricey brands of cuticle oil. I also would’ve liked to hear about the long term results of using this product and, again, how they compare to other oils.I bought a bottle of this the other day and I found the smell to be reminiscent of nail polish and not “light and gentle” at all. But the ingredients may have changed since this was written I suppose.

  2. LL

    Hi Belinda, thanks for your comments and for reading the post. Sorry to hear you found it ‘a bit lacking’. This is a nail art and nail polish blog, I’m not a beauty blogger. The purpose of this review was to just give my initial thoughts of a product that I thought was good quality at a cost of only £1. My bottle definitely doesn’t smell of nail polish, it smells pleasant as I mentioned in the review. If you are looking for a blog that does beauty reviews I’d recommend you check out Polished By Leanne.

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