1. teanailpolish

    Wow Zoya is expensive in the UK! Love the box though, fits the theme well

  2. Such a great review! I can’t really see the theme either, but I love the polishes and have a mani idea so I’m just going to roll with it haha! x

  3. polishthosenails

    That’s so awesome that you got to try three brands you’ve never used before! I wish I had these three polishes, because I feel like they would make an incredible smoosh manicure haha!

  4. Bummer about the remover! You’d think with it being acetone free it wouldn’t have the drying out effect, and Id love to find a remover that didn’t smell like remover, but a scent Id actually like. Cant wait to see the nail art you came up with!

  5. Great review hun, I agree with you completely I couldn’t see the boho theme in this box. But the product did work better together than I thought they would x

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