1. Love this post & your swatches of the metals are especially gorgeous. I need to get mine done asap. I love the lolly gloss polishes so much & the other limited edition shades are gorgeous, you’ll really love them.
    Vicky x

  2. Sarah (mymintnails)

    Fab post and I agree with everything you said about the Molten Metals! Your photos are fab, capturing the glitteryness of them perfectly!!

  3. Helen @ hellznails

    Love all your swatches! I haven’t bought anything from Barry M for a while but think I’ll definitely be getting both of the new collections x

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh! All of these polishes are gorgeous!! I’m so happy that I’m going shopping tomorrow, as I need to definitely get my hands on all of these polishes (except gold as I have a polish veryyy similar)! Excited to go and look at the other limited edition polishes too! Thank you for sharing these!! Lovely swatches!! X

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